Get to know us . . .

Eric’s the guy with the camera and ideas. Amy’s the organizational, make-it-happen genius. It works well.

We started this website as a scrapbook of sorts for personal work and as a tool to make our volunteer work flow smoother. Well, things have grown a little bit since then.

First off, we’re not fulltime, do-this-for-a-living photographers. If you’re looking for that level of service we know several in the area who do amazing work and would recommend them without hesitation. Like millions of others we enjoy the magic of photography. Something amazing happens every time the shutter clicks and that one sliver of time is recorded forever.

We’ve had the honor to photograph a wide range of subjects - from portraits and head shots, seniors to weddings, from kids to grown-ups and we've met some great folks all along the way. We’re both pretty relaxed and casual and have fun each time we shoot. So if you like what you see on our site and think it’s a fit, use the contact page to drop us an email, it would be awesome to make an image with you.